CINEMATIC echoes and urban FRAMES


Stories in Sound and Image

Step into the rhythm of my visual stories: I am an artist choreographing tales where the interplay of sound and image steals the spotlight. As a filmmaker, I specialize in short films and unique visual content for both individuals and businesses. From the pulsating beats of music videos to the intimate whispers of personal stories, each project unfolds with my distinctive touch. Join me for a cinematic journey where every frame is a dance, and every story is a one-of-a-kind creation.


Narratives in Geometry and Passage

Embark on an urban journey through my lens. From the allure of towering architecture to the enigma of abandoned buildings, my photographs focus on geometric narratives and the fleeting passage of people. Explore captures where human presence is subtle, always present yet never the direct focal point, unveiling hidden stories within the city's lines.


From the echoes of Italian roots to the vibrant streets of Sweden, I'm Federico Feusi—once a musician, now a storyteller through the lens. Submerged in VHS memories and the pages of cinematic tales, my journey began as a scriptwriter at 17 and blossomed into directing at 19. Beyond the realm of photography, I am primarily a filmmaker, crafting videos and short films with a signature style that mirrors my photographic narrative. Join me as I navigate through visual stories, capturing the essence of urban landscapes and the elusive dance between geometry and human passage.

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