an eclectic filmmaker


Faces, streets, colors: the essence of urban life. I roam the world with camera in hand, seeking out the hidden corners and unexpected moments that define the pulse of the city. Through my lens, I capture the raw beauty and energy of the urban landscape, distilling its essence into a single image that tells a story of a place and its people.

About Me

Born in Italy, based in Sweden.
Traveller, dreamer, life enthusiast.

Eclectic filmmaker.
Passionate musician.

I grew up surrounded by hundreds of vhs and books about movies.

At 17 I wrote my first long script.
At 19 I shot my first music video.
At 22 I started my own company.

I am now based in Stockholm, and I am working as filmmaker, editor, photographer, and content producer.

During years, beside filmmaking, I've been often involved in various other kind of creative jobs, like making posters, creating CDs covers, designin web sites, operating as steadyman and drone pilot, creating virtual tours and augmented reality videos.

The set of various skills acquired over the years is what made me an eclectic filmmaker.

I am always curious and eager to work on new projects and can't wait to receive a message from you!

Some achievements obtained